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Weekly Language Challenge

Hide and Seek


One person, the hider, will hide an object (e.g., a favorite toy) around the house. The hider must guide the seeker to the object using the target language. The seeker must listen to the directions to find the object.

Then switch places!

The goal is to practice speaking as a hider, and practice listening as a seeker.


  1. Refresh yourself on directional words. Such as forward, backwards, left, and right!



Listen or speak directions such as go, stop, forward, backwards, left, right.


Listen or speak directions in full phrases such as “Go forward. Turn left. Go forward. Turn right”. Throw in other words such as above, below, under, on top.


Listen or speak the entire directions all at once. If you are the hider, you must visualize the whole path and provide the instructions up front. If you are the hider, then you must listen and memorize the instructions up front!

Depending on how advanced you are, get creative with the directions (e.g., “in the room where I brush my teeth”).


If you are a beginner or intermediate, create flashcards for at least three words that you learned. If you are advanced, just focus on practicing speaking and listening!

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Coupling is Under Construction

These weekly challenges are a starting point to try things out I build the app. Flashcards, translations, and audio samples are coming soon