The Language Learning App for Couples

Learn a language with your native speaking partner

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A Powerful Language Learning App

Lock words into memory with spaced repetition flashcards

  • The more you learn a word, the less you have to review it
  • Pull flashcards from a content library of starter decks and booster packs
  • Audio, dictionary lookups, translations, and breakdowns for any word or phrase you want

A Partner By Your Side

A language journey that includes your partner

  • Multiplayer where partners can add audio, edits, notes, vocabulary
  • Get nagged when falling behind and get kudos when completing a goal
  • Weekly reports in your inboxes on learning progress and statistics

Over 100 Languages Supported

About Me

Hey! I’m Kevin, a developer and designer. I’ve been learning Chinese with the help of my wife for years. I started Coupling to help myself and other couples who have tried to learn each other's languages