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Fun and rewarding language learning for couples

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A More Social Language App

Learning a language today is a lonely process: tap on gamified apps, listen to headless voices, read textbooks, talk to strangers online. It's hard to learn a language without interacting with people.

Many of us have a native speaker around us all the time. Perhaps they're the reason we started learning. I started Coupling to plug our loved ones into our language journey and bring it life.

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Retain Every Word with Spaced Repetition Flashcards

Lock words into memory with spaced repetition, the system used by polyglots and medical students to memorize tens of thousands of terms

  • Generate new flashcards from conversations and challenges
  • Hunt down tricky words and phrases you are struggling with
  • Stay motivated as your partner keeps track of your progress

Your Partner As Your Coach

Coupling makes it seamless for your partner to guide you without having to turn into an on-demand language teacher

  • Play short daily speaking and listening challenges together
  • Watch mini language lesson videos created by your partner
  • Get help from your partner in comment threads on hard flashcards

Grow Closer Through Language

There are many awesome things about learning a loved one's language

  • Grow closer together through understanding their language and culture
  • Connect more deeply to them, their family, and their friends
  • Create inside memes and jokes together

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About Me

Hey! I’m Kevin, and my wife Heidi is from China. I’ve been self-learning Cantonese and Mandarin for years. I also speak Vietnamese and some Spanish. I started Coupling to help myself and other couples who have tried to learn each other's languages. Eventually, I hope this brings the world a little bit closer in understanding each other.

I'm a developer and designer. Before I led the A-Frame community, teaching tens of thousands of people to build 3D worlds. In 2018, I founded a VR startup that went through Y Combinator and raised $1.2M. I took a giant leap to tackle language learning. Now I am working 24/7 on Coupling out of my pocket.

Contact me at [email protected]