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Learn a language with your native speaking partner

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Over 100 Languages Supported

A Partner By Your Side

Create moments with your partner through your language journey

  • Learn through interactive mini-games with your partner
  • Add audio recordings, notes, and vocabulary for each other
  • Receive progress reports in your inboxes with learning statistics

A Powerful Language Learning App

Lock words into memory with spaced repetition flashcards

  • Spend less time reviewing a word the more you learn it
  • Collect flashcards from our library of starter decks and booster packs
  • Get audio, lookups, translations, and breakdowns for any word or phrase

Over 100 Languages Supported

About Us

Hey! We're Kevin and Heidi, a husband and wife team. Kevin has been learning Cantonese and Chinese for years on his own despite having Heidi around him all the time. We started Coupling to help ourselves and other couples to make it easy and fun to learn languages from each other